Who we are?

Simply Moving Trailers was born out of necessity. I need to simplify this move! After purchasing our first home and moving with only a small open utility trailer in the bed of a work truck, I saw the need for an enclosed moving trailer business. The tipping point in the moving process came as I played a real life game of Frogger across Pancheri bridge. Several tote lids that were riding on the open utility trailer had flown off and were laying in the middle of traffic “this is so dumb“ is all I could think to myself.

Shortly after surviving my real life game of Frogger to recover tote lids Simply Moving Trailers came to light and a business idea was born. We have successfully helped thousands of families simplify their move over the past several years. Our enclosed moving trailers have traveled all over the western United States and continue to be a great alternative to traditional moving. We are proud to keep our Moving Trailers in tiptop shape and always ready for the next move.

Juan Romero
President – simply moving trailers

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Available Trailers

Utility Trailer

Trailer #3

 $44.00 Daily

Enclosed Trailer

Trailer #4

 $75.00 Daily

Enclosed Trailer

Trailer #5

 $65.00 Daily

Enclosed Trailer

Trailer #7

 $75.00 Daily