“Simply Moving Trailers” will only rent to licensed drivers,18 years of age and older, with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance on the tow vehicle. Please drive carefully for your safety and the safety of others. Please inspect trailers carefully before renting; all damage is the Customer’s responsibility. Please return all trailers clean or a cleaning fee can be charged. Remember to check the following before each trip.

Coupler connection    Correct ball size    All lights    Tire condition    Tire pressure    Safety chains / breakaway switch  Please note any parts missing or condition of damage to equipment and/or individual parts. If not noted the equipment will be considered complete and in working order by Simply Moving Trailers, and the recipient of this equipment. Items and accessories listed, but not returned at the end of rental period will be billed to customer at replacement price.

Customer Acknowledges that they received equipment in clean and working condition, and that they will be responsible for returning it in the same condition. The Customer also acknowledges that they have been instructed on the proper use of the equipment, and will use the equipment as instructed. A regular daily rate will be charged if the equipment is not returned by the end of the rental term. I agree to pay Simply Moving Trailers for the equipment listed with the specified fee, beginning on the date the equipment is received and signed for. I understand that any failure in payment is subject to a 20% finance charge per month applied on the 15th day from the fee due date. I further agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement listed on the reverse of this Agreement/Invoice.

In addition to the terms listed on the reverse side of this Agreement/Invoice, Simply Moving Trailers, and Customer agree and contract as follows:

RENTAL: It is expressly understood and agreed that this is an agreement of rental only, and that nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as conveying to the Customer any right, title, or interest in the equipment, other than as a rental.

RENTAL FEES: Rental and delivery fees are as described in the Rental Rate Chart. A regular daily rate will be charged if the equipment is not returned by the end of the rental term. Customer agrees to return the equipment prior to the expiration of the rental period, or pay additional rental fees.

PAYMENT: Payment of the rental fee is required at the beginning of the rental term. A payment of cash, personal check, or credit card receipt/number will be accepted. On return of Simply Moving Trailers’s equipment, cash, personal check, or credit card will be applied/accepted toward any outstanding or incurred balance owed for the rental term. Proper identification is required.

CUSTOMER LIABILITY: The Customer is wholly responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment rented fromSimply Moving Trailers. Simply Moving Trailers does not offer any insurance coverage for the items rented. In the event of loss or damage of the equipment, for any reason, or if the equipment is not returned on or before the agreement expires, the Customer will be liable for the full replacement value of the equipment, and rental fees through the date of replacement. All equipment is available for inspection and testing by the Customer on the day of rental. Failures must be reported immediately. Simply Moving Trailers will at its discretion determine any price adjustments due to failure of the equipment. In the event of equipment failure, Simply Moving Trailers will first attempt to provide substitute equipment to Customer. Unauthorized service or modification to any rental equipment will result in further charges. Simply Moving Trailers reserves the right to inspect the equipment at any time during the rental term and has the option to remove the equipment for failure to meet with the contract terms, without refund. In the event the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, Customer is responsible for the full replacement price of new equipment.

CARE OF EQUIPMENT: Customer agrees to provide proper care of equipment and to return all equipment in good working condition at end of the rental period. Customer shall not perform any modifications, alterations, or changes to the rented equipment without prior written consent of Simply Moving Trailers. Any unauthorized modifications will be removed and equipment will be corrected to original status, at Customer’s expense.

RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION: Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Simply Moving Trailers, it’s offices and employees from any and all claims, suits, damaged, losses, liabilities, including attorney fees for: loss of life or injury to any person, damage to property or other damages or losses whatsoever, resulting directly or indirectly from a cause or occurrence in, upon, at or from the use of rented equipment or facilities, including but not limited to such damage or injury which may be caused by the negligence of Simply Moving Trailers, it’s members, offices, or employees. Customer agrees to hold Simply Moving Trailers, free and harmless for any damages to property or personnel, from use or misuse of the rented equipment and to comply with all laws, regulation, and ordinances, present and future, relating to the operation, and use of the equipment.

DEFAULT: Should the Customer fail to return the equipment, Simply Moving Trailers, maintains the right to enter upon the premises where the equipment may be located, without notice, and take possession of and remove equipment at the Customer’s expense, all without legal process, the Customer hereby waving any claims for damages from any such entry, taking, or removal. In the event of a voluntary or involuntary petition for bankruptcy or receivership filed by or against the Customer, the rental agreement shall be terminated on the filing date, and the equipment shall be returned to Simply Moving Trailers. Should the Customer fail to pay the rental fee when due, Simply Moving Trailers maintains the right to pursue legal action to recoup any and all monies due at the company’s discretion.

LEGAL ACTION: Idaho Law shall control any dispute arising under or pursuant to this agreement. Should Customer default, or fail to perform under any provision herein, Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs actually incurred by Simply Moving Trailers in enforcing such provisions. This agreement involving equipment, facilities, and services shall not be amended or modified except by mutual agreement, in writing, signed by both parties.

DELIVERY SERVICES: Simply Moving Trailers will, at Customer’s request, deliver, transport, or pick up at the end of the agreement, all equipment rented. Customer agrees to pay all service fees and mileage charges as are posted on the rental rate chart.

RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: Reservations can be made by phone or in person. All rentals are subject to availability. Notice of cancellation of services must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of intended use. Failure to do so will result in a 1-day charge.

LOADING PROCEDURE: Trailer must be connected to tow vehicle when loading and unloading, failure to have connected may result in tipping of trailer and serious injury to persons and or equipment.

DRIVING PROCEDURE: Customers should drive slowly when towing trailers. Serious injury and damage may result if excessive speed is used when towing. Customers should consult their vehicle’s owner’s manual for towing instructions. Customer acknowledges with this agreement that they have the necessary training, experience, and motor vehicle to safely tow the equipment rented from Simply Moving Trailers.

OTHER: Customer shall keep all equipment free and clear of any levies, liens or encumbrances. The Customer shall return all equipment clean and in the state in which it was rented. Any reservations regarding the state of the equipment must be indicated on the agreement at the time of signature. Simply Moving Trailers may terminate this agreement at any time for reasons of misuse or neglect of the equipment.

COMPLETE AGREEMENT: Customer and Simply Moving Trailers agree that this Agreement/Invoice contains all of the terms of their agreement and that there are no other terms contained herein. It is critical that the trailer be securely coupled to the tow vehicle’s hitch and the safety chains are correctly attached. Uncoupling may result in serious harm or death.